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Rules of procedure

The present contract defines the terms of place reservation in the establishment.

The registered student is required to respect the establishment's rules of procedure below.

The student declares having read and understood the rules of procedure and the charter, and is required to comply or face an exclusion penalty.


42 is a free teaching and learning space which constitutes an educational community.

42 is an educational project that implies active student participation and aims, with a peer-to-peer method, at creating a new type of programmers, more collaborative and creative.

In order to function, this establishment must abide a set of rules. The rules described hereafter are accepted by all.

Knowing the opportunity and the means that are offered to them, students commit to respect civic rules with one another, to show great morality, to respect places and people, and to contribute to the proper functioning of the establishment and all of its missions.


Access to premises is strictly limited to registered students. A student may be accompanied in accordance with visiting rules or group work.

In order to access the premises, each student will receive a RFID card (Radio Frequency Identification) with a photo ID and a personal code. This card is strictly personal, can exclusively be used by the student, and cannot be given to someone else. Same goes for the code given to each student which will never be divulged to someone else.

Any loss of the RFID card will trigger a replacement that will cost the student 5 euros for the first renewal and 10 euros for the next ones.

Premises can be accessed without any limit on the time or duration, 7/7 24/24.


a) Students coming to the establishment should be decently dressed and have a correct behavior with all individuals present in the establishment.

As such, in accordance with the Penal Code, any act of hazing is forbidden.

b) The introduction inside the establishment of any weapon, whatever it is and from whatever category, including improvised weapons, is sanctioned by definitive exclusion without appeal. The same applies to any use, detention or transfer of any type of drug, on the premises or the immediate surroundings of the establishment.

c) It is forbidden to consume alcohol on the premises. Any student caught intoxicated by alcohol can also be sanctioned by exclusion.

d) It is strictly forbidden to smoke on the premises. Student may use outdoor designated smoking areas.

e) Moreover, great attention should be given to watch over personal belongings and 42 equipment.

Each student has the obligation to maintain in good condition the equipment at his disposal for his education. Student must use equipment in accordance with its purpose, and its use for other goals, notably personal, is forbidden. The equipment must not leave the premises of 42.

Any theft to the detriment of the establishment will engage judicial and civil action. Any voluntary degradation of equipment will engage disciplinary sanctions and the damages compensation will be payed by the responsible party.


The establishment accepts no responsibility in case of loss, theft or degradation of student's personal belongings of any nature on its premises.


The circulation of information is done by way of display on dedicated panels and mainly electronically.

Commercial advertising, political, union or religious propaganda are strictly forbidden on the premises.

Display and publication is free and subject to the following conditions:

The above dispositions apply in the same way to all publications written by students or the associations that they belong to, in addition to the obligation to uphold the dispositions of Law July 29, 1881 on the freedom of press.

All these dispositions equally apply to electronic information devices.

In case of infringement on the rights of others, the Staff of 42 can ask for the displays and/or electronic messages to be taken off and publications suspended without prejudice to eventual judicial action.


Students can communicate with one another by mail using a personal address with the format [email protected]

The account is attributed to ease the flow of information between students, teachers and administration of 42.


42 has the most extended rights to use, duplicate and broadcast all educational documents or projects produced or done by students, employees, teachers or partners of 42 and published by their authors in any fashion (mail, forums, ftp, web, storing spaces, Campus-Booster… etc.) during curriculum.

However the intellectual work and inventions done by a student during curriculum and, thanks to the knowledge or use of techniques, means or data procured by 42 , remain the exclusive property of the student.

It is forbidden to broadcast confidential or sensitive information of 42 or any of its annex structures or activities without prior consultation with the establishment management, such as the Logo of 42 , and all documents produced by the establishment.

Such behavior could infringe upon scientific and/or economic interests of 42 and/or its partners and can be considered a serious misconduct. This prohibition also affects data privacy and the process of 42 activities, its students, employees, teachers or related to administrations, partners or companies including preliminary and development studies.

The law concerning the fraudulent use of software and the law on computer fraud and piracy are acknowledged by students which, in case of transgression, will be exposed to the criminal penalties as per article 425 and 462 of the Penal Code.


During curriculum, students may do internships that have met the approval of the establishment.

These internships must be considered a part of the educational path of the student who will have to submit his project to the establishment.

The student, during his internship in the host company, retains his former status; he is thus supervised regularly by the establishment which can ask for an update on the progress of his educational project.

The student may have to work on an internship report. The teaching staff, the partner companies or associations can consult the notes, reports and educational information but will not have access to the actual content of these documents.

The student can come back to the establishment during his internship, to follow courses specifically demanded by the program, participate in meetings. In such cases, the dates are communicated to the host organization by the establishment and can, eventually, be modified.

In agreement with the hosting company or association, 42 , as part of its educational supervision, can visit the internship's location.

The student embodies the image of 42 and commits to respect for the duration of the internship the rules of the hosting company and to behave in exemplary fashion.


Purpose of processing (purpose and legal basis):

Association 42 has placed the premises of 42 under video surveillance to ensure the security of goods and persons.

The recorded images of this system will never be used for surveillance of staff or students, or for monitoring working times.

The legal basis in this case is the legitimate interest of Association 42 (article 6.1.f of the European regulation on data protection).


Association 42, headquartered at 96 boulevard Bessières - 75017 Paris FRANCE, is the controller of the processing of images coming from the video surveillance system.

Data and categories of persons concerned:

The employees of Association 42 as well as the students of 42 are filmed by the system. Casual visitors of 42 can also be filmed.


The images can be screened, in case of incident, by the designated personnel of Association 42, that is, the staff in charge of security and law enforcement.

Staff of Association 42 in charge of equipment maintenance can also access these images, for that purpose only.

Retention period:

Images are retained for two weeks.

In case of incident related to the security of persons and goods, the video surveillance images can be extracted.

They are then retained on another device for the duration of procedures linked to this incident and can be accessed only by the designated persons within this framework.

Individual rights:

You can access the data that concerns you or ask for their erasure. You also have the right to object and to restrict processing of your personal data (visit www.cnil.fr for more information on your rights).

To exercise these rights or for any question concerning the processing of your data within this framework, you can contact the DPO (Data Protection Officer):

If you feel that, after having contacted us, that your Data Protection rights are not respected or that the video system does not comply with data protection rules, you may send an online request to the CNIL (www.cnil.fr) or by post (3 Place de Fontenoy TSA 80715 - 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07).


The fire instructions and notably a map of fire extinguishers and fire exits are displayed on the premises of 42 so that all students and participants may have knowledge of them.


Any accident or incident happening on the premises of the building must be immediately be communicated to the staff of 42 .


Each student must be covered by student social security or justify having a social cover and produce all documents requested by the 42 administration.


Within the framework of curriculum management of 42, we process a certain amount of personal data concerning candidates and students. This helps us manage registrations and supervise the educational paths of students. Other purposes are possible depending on the processing. To know all theses purposes, please consult our list of personal data processing that can be found in the introduction to our Privacy Policy, available on our sites in our legal documents.

The controller of personal data processing is Association 42, a non profit Association governed by July 1st, 1901, headquartered at 96 boulevard Bessières - 75017 Paris FRANCE.

The processing of your personal data always rests on a legal foundation that varies according to the processing. Often, we process your personal data because we are contractually obliged to do so.

The retention period of your personal data also varies with the purpose of the processing. For example, we retain the personal data of students necessary to supervise their education for 1 year starting at the last connection of the student to the intranet.

You have a right of access, modification, objection, erasure and portability on your personal data.

If you wish to exercise your rights, we invite to send a request to the following addresses:

For more information on the way Association 42 processes your personal data, please read our Privacy Policy, available in the list of our legal documents.

Last updated: 09/01/2019